FLV Converter to Windows Media Player

Do you wanna play FLV file with your windows media player?
Here are the step you can follow. Don’t worry, it’s free and safe (no virus);
1. Get FFDshow.

2. After finish downloading, then install it.
Follow the installing procedure until finish.

3. When finish installing, you will get 3 options to setting up.
You need only 2 options to set up.
Choose ffdshow video decoder configuration and ffdshow video encoder configuration.
You will get 2 window for those configuration.

4. In ffdshow video decoder configuration window, click the Codec tab on the left side.
Now, see at right side column.
Make sure format column of FLV1 has set to libavcodec (see on the right at decoder column). If not, then you can click that cell and chose libavcodec.
And same thing you do with VP6F.
If done, click apply and OK button.

5. Now see and check ffdshow video encoder configuration window.
Click Decoder tab on navigate menu.
Click Codecs.
Look at the right side, and make sure FLV1 and VP6F has set to libavcodec.
If not, do same thing like step 4 above.
Done?, click apply and OK button to finish.

Can we play FLV file now?
Not yet…. πŸ™‚ Windows media player need “some juice” to procees the FLV container that hold both stream (video and audio decoder).
You need FLV Splitter. You can get through these option;
1. FLV Splitter for Windows XP/2000/2003
2. FLV Splitter for Windows 95/98/ME

After downloaded, install it.

Can we play now?

Oh..yes…babe. Get thousand flv file around the net. Now..so rush and famous !
Shake it your flv files now! Shake YouTube too πŸ™‚

Any good movie you known, just give to me the link here πŸ™‚



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  1. yudi said

    fife good

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